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How Chocolate Pursuit Began


My deep love for chocolate began in 2014 when I organized a chocolate tour of Portland for an epic date with my partner. While researching and planning this grand tour, I not only discovered the abundance of eclectic chocolate shops and spots in Portland, it was also the first time I came across the terms bean-to-bar and craft chocolate. I was in awe that there were Willy Wonkas, chocolate dreamers and makers, out there in the world making chocolate bars by hand, from bean to bar. And there were farmers doing a lot of the work to get those quality beans in the hands of the makers and, ultimately, the consumers who get to enjoy the magic and wonder of chocolate. My imagination filled with sweet richness. At the end of the night, I was laying on a euphoric bed cloud of cacao; I had fallen in love.

One chocolate rap and a bajillion chocolate bars later, I started The Portland Chocoholics meetup group (2016). With 300+ members, I spent much of my free time planning events from tours to tastings to all-day crawls in Oregon and Washington. It was through my meetup events that I learned to taste chocolate the proper way and became enamored with learning about the history and art of chocolate making, and began picking the brains of passionate experts in the chocolate field. Little did I know I was harvesting the seed for a business to grow, building connections with makers, shop owners, and the curious community of chocolate consumers. Through one of these cocoa connections, something inside me snapped, and all signs pointed to the pod, the bean, and the bar: I, Kara, aka DJ Kahy, the Original Chocolate Wrapper, needed to share my passion for the bean with others, the proper way.

In September 2017 Chocolate Pursuit was born, customizing in craft chocolate tastings for events and special occasions. I believe we all deserve to taste artisan craft chocolate and melt into the experience, and I want more than ever to provide that experience to individuals and groups-- to the seasoned, the bold and adventurous, the shy and the curious chocolate lover craving to break out of their shell and try something new.

My journey into the world of chocolate has just begun. Chocolate Pursuit takes you on a wild journey from the Amazon to farms in Peru, Ecuador, Vietnam, Haiti; from chocolate factories to small kitchens in Baltimore, Oakland, Portland.  By starting Chocolate Pursuit I get to pursue my dreams and passions to educate, engage, entertain, and enrich the lives of individuals through the sensory experience of tasting chocolate.

Join me in pursuit of (good) chocolate, and melt into the experience.

Kara Hayes
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