Chocolate Pursuit

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Melt into the experience

Select from one of Chocolate Pursuit's several gourmet chocolate tasting experience packages that can be customized for your meeting, party, or special occasion. We provide a sampling of craft chocolate, from local to international chocolate makers and any additional features of your choosing; let your senses do the rest, as you melt into the experience and taste chocolate made from bean-to-bar. 

Each experience includes a guided (or self-guided) chocolate tasting. 

Chocolate tasting add-on features include:

  • Mini-lesson on the history and making of chocolate
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Special entertainment

. . .  and much more!

Chocolate Pursuit- The Local Mixer

 The Local Mixer Experience

taste a varietal sampling of chocolate bars from local bean-to-bar chocolatemakers in the Portland area. This is the ideal Pacific Northwest experience.

Profile Notes: Cherry, woodsy, nutty, dark, weird.


The World Traveler Experience

 taste a varietal sampling of chocolate bars from around the globe.  Explore exotic cacao from Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. Perfect for a first time chocolate tasting experience.

Profile Notes: Bright, floral, spicy, buttery, adventurous.




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Fine Dining On-Site

Our hotel is inspired by the global mid-century modern design movement, and in turn, our on-site restaurant and café, Continental, is influenced by cuisines around the world. Famous for her fusion dishes, head chef Layla Wu creates seasonal menus that still have a little bit of English flair. That’s right, you can still get your fish and chips, but don’t be surprised to taste a little tarragon.


In-Hotel Bar

The mixologists at our bar, Refill, create innovative and delicious cocktails with a chemist’s precision. Beers crafted by London’s best breweries are on tap and rotated monthly to keep our selections interesting. We also have a small stage where musicians and entertainers of all kinds perform for the sensory delight of our guests.

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