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Chocolate Pursuit offers craft chocolate tastings and pairings in Portland, Oregon.

chocolate pursuit Tasting Experiences

Melt into the experience with guided chocolate tastings & pairings.

Select from one of Chocolate Pursuit’s tasting experiences that can be customized for your party, company function, event, or special occasion. Our assortments of artisan chocolates are hand-selected and carefully paired to ensure complementary, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth variety.  All of the chocolate we feature in our experiences use fair or direct trade practices. Each experience can be modified or tailored to meet your group’s dietary needs and sensitivities (with the exception of Let’s Go Crazy, Let’s Get Nuts!).

The Basics

Standard tastings are 60 minutes in length.

All experiences are $49/person, unless otherwise noted.

Tours, classes, consultations, and add-on features are available upon request!

Tastings are also available as a self-guided tasting kit.

Each experience includes all craft chocolate and tasting worksheets.

All tastings can be paired with wine or spirits upon request.

The Local Mixer.jpg

The Local Mixer

The ideal Pacific Northwest chocolate experience.
Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars from the local Portland/Greater Oregon area.

Profile/Flavor Notes: Cherry, woodsy, nutty, rainy, weird.

The Local Mixer.jpeg

Can I Get a Number?

For those who want to get down with five decades of chocolate. Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars from different decades or percentages of cacao. You can also choose to select five bars of one percentage (e.g., 70%) or bars from one decade (e.g., 70, 72, 74%).
Profile/Flavor notes: Buttery, caramel, spicy, fruity, competitive, fun.

Let's Get Weird 4.jpeg

Weird Cacao!

For the edgy and adventurous chocolate explorer on the hunt for weird cacao!
Includes: A sampling of five craft inclusion bars or confections with weird mix-ins to create a wild tasty flavor.
Profile/Flavor notes: Salty, sweet, bitter, sour, umami, weird as f**k.


The World Traveler.jpeg

The World Traveler

Earn your first-time chocolate flyer miles with this introductory roadmap to international cacao.
Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars from around the world.  Explore exotic cacao from Asia, Central America, South America, and more!
Profile/Flavor Notes: Bright, floral, spicy, buttery, adventurous.

50 Shades of Chocolate 3- color.jpg

50 Shades of Chocolate

Taste the chocolate rainbow.
Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars that range from light to dark.  With this package, you are bound to experience different flavor profiles that will expand your palette and bust the myths you learned about chocolate.
Profile/Flavor Notes: Creamy, caramel, dark, raven, midnight.

It's a Match.jpeg

It's a Match!

For those who want to intentionally pair, chocolate with alcohol or other spirits.
Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars complemented by five spirits (e.g. wine, beer, whiskey).

Profile/Flavor notes: Smooth, woodsy, fruity, spicy, decadent, bliss. *This experience includes additional charges for the beverage pairing (varies based on spirits).

Baby It's Cocoa Outside.jpg

Baby, It's Cocoa Outside

Perfect for the cozy holiday season. Give yourself the gift of chocolate.
Includes: Taste a seasonal variety of chocolate from craft inclusion bars to confections that bring and spread holiday cheer.
Profile/Flavor Notes: Spicy, buttery, nutty, smoky, cuddly.                    *Available for Fall/Winter only.

The Singles Bar.jpg

The Singles Bar

Perfect for the purists who prefer to date, one bar at a time.
Includes: A sampling of five craft chocolate bars with beans from single-origin estates (i.e., beans that are sourced from the same farm).
Profile/Flavor Notes: Earthy, bright, fruity, full-bodied, single-minded.

Lets Get Nuts.jpg

Let's Get Nuts!

Perfect if you want a little extra crunch in your life.
Includes: A sampling of five craft inclusion bars or confections that include all your favorite nuts from coconuts to almonds!
Profile/Flavor Notes: Earthy, buttery, balanced, caramel, rustic, nutty.




Includes: An intimate after-hours tasting of five craft chocolate bars or inclusions for the sensuous and the adventurous.     Includes playful activities and samples of chocolate in various forms. 
Profile/Flavor notes: Sweet, spicy, melty, rich, playful, sexy.
*This experience includes additional charges for additional supplies and is for adults 21 & older.


We offer a 10% discount for groups of ten or more! Please note groups of six or fewer people will be charged a six-person minimum, and prices may vary according to group size and event needs. It is recommended that experiences are booked more than two weeks in advance of event for planning and organizational purposes.

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