Chocolate Pursuit





What a great event! I hosted a chocolate tasting at my home and Kara was fantastic. She was incredibly knowledgeable, organized and fun.  The myth busters activity was a huge hit!  New friends were made while we all experienced a world of chocolate we didn't know existed.   Everyone loved it!
-Emily, Client and Dinner party hostess, 2017

Kara is a pleasure to work with! She worked with me to co-create an event for entrepreneurs that showed them how to use chocolate to write compelling messages for their business. Her performance background and chocolate expertise makes for an incredible tasting event! I'm also a huge fan of chocolate and still learned some new things I didn't know before. She was charming, creative, and fun. I highly recommend Kara to anyone looking to collaborate or hire her for a chocolate tasting experience.
-Jen Price, Client and Co-host, Sweeten the Deal Workshop, 2017


I attended Chocolate Pursuit's "Sweeten the Deal" writing + chocolate tasting workshop, and it was all-around FABULOUS!! I got to learn how to write copy that attracts my ideal customers while simultaneously tasting some of the world's finest chocolates. By the end of the workshop, I had learned all about the history of chocolate, its role in my business, and the way in which it is produced and manufactured all around the globe. The workshop was informative, engaging, entertaining, and delicious! I highly recommend Chocolate Pursuit to anyone looking for a professional, fun, and tasty chocolate experience!

- Dan, Guest, Sweeten the Deal Workshop, 2017


Chocolate Pursuit's chocolate tasting was such a great way to connect with colleagues while learning something new. Getting to learn about and try out so many different kinds of chocolate was definitely a treat, and Kara presented the information in a way that was fun and engaging. It's been fun to think back on the tips and tricks I learned during the tasting whenever I find myself picking out and trying a bar of chocolate.
-Sarah, Guest, Company workshop, 2016


I learned so much and got to eat amazing chocolate. What more could you want?!
-Alex, Dinner party guest, 2017

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