Chocolate Pursuit


Gourmet chocolate walking tours in the Portland area. Explore and taste artisan chocolate in East and West Portland. Learn from chocolate makers and chocolatiers, and melt into the experience.


SE PORTLAND walking Tour

A Saturday afternoon tour highlighting Portland’s East Side chocolate scene. This 3.5 hour walking includes five distinct stops that range in chocolate form, flavor, and fun. Learn more about the unique Portland chocolate scene, the origins and impact of cacao on contemporary culture, and the differences between craft and industrial chocolate from your tour guide. Learn from the experts themselves---the makers behind the bars, confections, and distilled spirits.

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pearl district CHOCOLATE pairing tour

A Friday evening to discover Portland’s West Side chocolate scene. This three-hour Portland walking tour features three tasty stops that range in chocolate form, flavor, and fun. Learn more about Portland's craft and artisanal chocolate scene, the chocolate making process and its dynamic forms and pairings, and how to taste chocolate like a sommelier from your tour guide. Plus we will actually practice tasting chocolate at each stop, including two pairings with spirits! Not to mention exercising and burning off the chocolate we consume between stops! This special tasting tour includes pairings with wine, bubbles, and craft Oregon whiskey. You will hear from the experts themselves, i.e. the makers, the tasters, the distillers, the servers.

Also available on Airbnb Experiences!

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